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The wide scope of the Belliss & Morcom range means that achieving the optimal oil free compressor design solution has never been easier

With the choice of single, two or three stages of compression, seven modular crankcases, over 100 cylinder sizes plus a variety of specialist control systems, there is virtually unlimited flexibility in application and performance.

Through development of the pioneering ‘V’ and ‘W’ non-horizontal design technologies, Belliss & Morcom compressors offer significant performance, reliability and power advantages over traditional horizontally opposed machine configurations.

Longer piston ring life, reduced component wear, smooth running and superior reliability are just some of the factors which make our compressors the first choice for many of industry’s most arduous and critical process applications around the world.

Our intrinsically oil cylinder compressors, with a unique seal design eliminating any risk or possibility of oil contamination, make the range ideal for virtually all industrial and commercial handling applications. This intrinsic ability to maintain gas purity, coupled with exceptional reliability makes Belliss & Morcom compressors the world’s first choice for PET blow moulding.